Starstew's Artifactory - How to Make Yourself Make

Here you will see examples of images created by Starstew and instructions on how to trick yourself into making art too. As of 2016, Starstew is posting regular sketchbook excerpts to his Instagram account.

Some techniques

Procedural Doodling

Create a simple pattern of regularly overlapping shapes on a piece of paper. Fill one of the shapes with a drawing. Don't think too much about it. Use one color. Pick another shape in the pattern, fill that with a drawing too. Wherever your shapes overlap, try to make the drawings complimentary. Keep going until you fill all the shapes.


Cut a piece of cardboard into squares big enough to draw on. Make dots in the center of each side of each square. Use these dots as anchor points for lines you draw onto the squares. When you've drawn on all the squares, put them together as a random mosaic by aligning the dots/lines.


Cut a photo out of a magazine or newspaper and glue it to the center of a piece of paper. Draw around and over the drawing to extend the scene.